How to Be a Favourite Client of Amsterdam Escort Girl

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Are you the regular customer of the escort girl, and still you did not get the favourites of the escort, then this article will be very beneficial for you. Here we will guide you properly what things you need to do for becoming the favourite client of the Escort Amsterdam.

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1 Research Registered Escort:

Whenever you are going to hire the escort girl, do proper research about her. Hire the escort girl from the registered escort agency, and the agency must have the website. For checking about the escort girl copy her name, email and phone number on the google and identify either the escort girl is real or fake.

2. Be on Time:

Once you choose the escort girl, then don’t be late to reach her. The escort girl never compromises on the time, time is everything for her. If you are getting late then call her, so she will compromise for you. If you are still late then she will be annoying and might cancel your appointment. So respect her time and schedule.

3. Clear everything before:

While you are calling her then do confirm and clear everything, such as the services charges, is the service will in call or outcall, for how much time you are booking her, what types of services you want and so on.

4. Never Discuss her personal life:

The escort girls do not like that you are discussing her personal life. She is the professional and doesn’t allow someone to interfere in her personal life. If she tells you herself then it is the different thing.

5. Pay her First:

Once she reached your place, or you reach her place. It will be preferable that you pay her first. But don’t pay her directly, greet her and ask her to sit and for something like coffee, tea, or juice etc.

6. Be Nice to Her:

This is the key point, if you really want to be favourite of an escort girl, then must respect her. Respect her as she is your girlfriend. Ask her lunch, shopping or dinner. On the bed do cuddle with her and watch movie or season with her. Just feel her relax.

7. Don’t ask for Sex Instantly:

Once she is with you behave her like a friend, don’t show her that you call her just for the sex. Talk her like a friend. In the end, you will sex with her, but when she is ready and ask herself for the sex.

8. Never Force her for Blowjob

Well, blowjob is in the list of the services, but mostly escort girls don’t like this act. So for the blowjob first ask her, if she is ready to do then well and good, otherwise don’t force, remember your goal is becoming a favourite of her.

9. Try to know her Likes and Dislikes:

Of course, the escort girl is a woman and definitely she has the likes and dislikes. Talk her in such a way that she tells you about her likes and dislikes. Remember never talk dirty to her, yes you are allowed to do, but we recommend you not to do.

10. Give Her Tip:

If she satisfied you in her service and you want to meet her again for some extra passionate services then give her tip. The tip can be money or in the form of a gift. The professional escort girl never asks you for the tip, so you have to give her by yourself. This is how she will love to meet you again,

11. Always stay Clean:

 The escort girls never compromise on hygiene. So if you come back from the work then take a quick shower and be prepare yourself before meeting her. So that she will feel relax along with you.

12. Ask her for wine:

After enjoying the escort service, never let her go instantly. Ask her for the glass of wine, even if there is a time of lunch or dinner, then must ask even force her for the lunch or dinner. It would be a great impact on her. She will find you a careful and nice guy.

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